Consultation Services
Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation
Nicole offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to allow you to learn more about her approach to nutritional counseling, discuss the issues you are seeking assistance with, and to determine whether her services are appropriate for you.

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90 Minute Initial Consultation
The initial 90 minute consultation consists of two 45-minute appointments. During your first meeting, Nicole will collect all information needed to provide a comprehensive evaluation and customized nutrition and wellness plan. This includes reviewing your medical history, health status, dietary and lifestyle practices, lab results, current medications and supplements, and any other relevant information. During the second meeting (usually within 1-2 weeks), Nicole will provide an initial set of therapeutic nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to start you on your path to optimal wellness. Nicole creates these recommendations after thoroughly reviewing the information provided at the first meeting, current scientific literature, and other relevant information. Additionally, Nicole may recommend functional medicine testing to help you gain a more complete picture of your health status.
Follow-up Consultations
Follow-up consultations include a discussion of your customized nutrition and wellness plan and any additional lab test results, if applicable. You will discuss your health goals and initial symptoms to determine your progress. Based on these discussions, Nicole will make any necessary adjustments to your plan.
Functional Medicine

Fees & Policies

Individual Services

15 Minute “Getting Acquainted” Phone Consultation Free
Initial 90 Minute Consultation$180
Follow-up 60 Minute Consultation$90
Follow-up 30 Minute Consultation$50
Email consultationsCharged at Nicole's discretion

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Purchase three 60-minute consultations in advance and receive a 10% discount (*must use within 6 months after purchase)$240
Purchase three 30-minute consultations in advance and receive a 10% discount (*must use within 3 months after purchase)$135
Food Sensitivity Program – includes Mediator Release Testing for 150 foods and chemicals, result reports and recommendations, and two 60 minute follow-up consultations$525
*All services are available via telephone, Skype, or in-person. Nicole does not accept health insurance. Forms of payment include cash, check, or Paypal.

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Appointment Cancellations/Refunds: If you need to cancel an appointment, you must provide at least 24 hours advanced notice, unless it is your initial consultation, in which case you must provide at least 3 business days advanced notice. If you do not do so, you are ineligible for a refund.