I’m loving my Joovv red light! So, what’s red light therapy? (Photobiomodulation) It uses specific wavelengths of red light to treat the body. The key is finding the right wavelength – the sweet spot is between 630nm-670nm (skin level) and 810nm-880nm (cellular level). It increases the function of your cells’ mitochondria, which produce energy in your body.

There are several scientific studies on the benefits of red light therapy, including:

~ improving thyroid function (especially hypo- and autoimmune thyroid issues)

~ reducing eczema, rosacea, and acne

~ increasing testosterone production

~ increasing collagen production, reducing wrinkles and scars

~ activating the lymphatic system which helps with detoxification

~ increasing weight loss

~ enhancing muscle recovery and peak performance

~ decreasing joint inflammation

Some spas have red light therapy lamps or you can purchase one for your home – the one I have hangs over my door and is really easy to use. I have a combination light that has red light wavelengths that hit both the skin and cellular levels.