I called Nicole when I was very sick with mast cell activation syndrome. At that time, I was only eating about 5 foods. Nicole helped guide me through foods that my body would accept, as well as, establishing me on a nutritional diet to help me feel better. Her expertise in nutrition coupled with her knowledge of mast cell activation syndrome is a rare find. She gave me hope when I had none. I am forever grateful to Nicole.” 

Sara, Connecticut

“Nicole was my lifeline during a very scary and anxiety-provoking time of my life. I was diagnosed with indolent systemic mastocytosis and was a complete mess. I was told it was a rare disease and not a lot was known about it and there was not a cure. Nicole helped me develop a nutritional plan and a new mental mindset. She gave me the confidence and encouragement that I could live a normal life and that this disease would not define me and become my identity. She talked to me for endless hours and I am a more grounded a year later than I imagined I would be.  The nutritional plan provided me a 50-pound weight loss and helped me manage my symptoms a lot better.  Nicole is a true angel in my life.”

T. Collett, Missouri

“I was diagnosed with anklyosing spondylitis in 2006; my symptoms at the time included inflammation, pain in several joints, fatigue, very dry eyes, severe gastritis. I was on more than 4 prescription drugs for years; none worked. In fact, several of them created further problems for me. I walked with a cane and thought I was looking at a life of disability. I began to do research on my own and I had begun to believe my diet was partly causing my disease. But, I had no idea how to approach this and my doctors never addressed diet. By the time I contacted Nicole 3 years ago for help, I was to the point that any food I ate aggravated my symptoms. It is not an exaggeration to say that working with Nicole literally changed my life. Now, I’m on one prescription medication (all the heavy duty pain meds are gone) and have no gastritis at all. I’ve lost weight, have energy to exercise, am not in constant pain and can eat without feeling sick. At 67 I feel better than I have in years. Thank you, Nicole.”
C. Craig, Massachusetts

“After just one year of working with Nicole I feel better than ever before. She was a great support system after learning I am Celiac, both emotionally and nutritionally. She turned around my health in just a few months with detailed nutrition plans and giving me all the right questions to ask at restaurants. She listened to my lifestyle in detail and types of food I like and then created a personalized plan that was customized just for me. She makes living gluten free easy!”
Casey, Connecticut

“I have been working with Nicole for almost a year and I couldn’t have found her soon enough. She has expertly helped me navigate the most difficult time in my life after other health practitioners were at a loss with how to proceed. I am forever grateful that she has come into my life and I recommend her to everyone who wants to feel their best.”
Lauren, Connecticut

“If you need help with mast cell-related nutrition, or just need to talk with someone who gets it, Nicole Dube is a board-certified holistic nutritionist, certified eating psychology coach, and health care analyst/researcher. She also has mast cell activation syndrome. I leaned on her when I had questions while on the waitlist to see a mast-cell specialist. She was a great support!”
Marjorie, California

“I came to Nicole for help with managing endometriosis and she helped me determine the foods and supplements that were best for my body’s unique needs. I found her to be incredibly knowledgeable and “whole-brained,” approaching her work with a combination of science and intuition. I highly recommend her!”
Kate, Connecticut

“While I intended to write a proper testimonial of my improvements since January 2015, perhaps all you really need to know is that while following Nicole’s regimen of “low histamine diet,” along with targeted supplements, I recently experienced my first head & chest cold in approximately 10 years that did not send me to an MD for antibiotics to cure bronchitis! It was my deepest wish during my first meeting with Nicole that I be able to stay away from meds, especially antibiotics, due to continued toxic effects of Avelox (a fluoroquinolone) since 2011. We’re still working on those symptoms, and most have eased.” ?
MCG, Connecticut